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We’ll Never Steer You Wrong – South Point’s Meat Department Is a Cut Above

At South Point Grocery, we know that fresh meat is an important item on your shopping list, and a good cut of meat can make or break a home-cooked meal. That’s why we’re proud to feature two incredible brands in our meat cases – Certified Angus Beef®️ and locally-sourced Home Place Pastures. Make your way through our grocery aisles to our meat department, where our in-house butcher Robert and his team will be ready to serve you the best cuts of meat for any occasion. 

Certified Angus Beef®️ is the best Angus brand available – passing 10 standards for mouthwatering flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. Our butchers pay close attention to CAB’s marbling, which ensures every bite will be full of flavor and packed with proteins. Choosing Certified Angus Beef®️ means you’re choosing consistency, and we know that’s what you’re looking for at South Point.

Home Place Pastures is a locally owned and operated farm in Como, Mississippi – just 45 minutes from our neighborhood grocery store. Committed to the ethical treatment of their animals, Home Place provides pork and grass-fed beef through a Certified Humane process. You’ll taste the quality of Home Place Pastures with the first bite, and you’ll feel even better knowing where your meat is coming from.

Downtown Memphis – We know you’ve been craving fresh, quality meat from the grocery store for decades, and we’re honored to provide the very best brands for you and your family. Enhance your recipes and wow your guests with Certified Angus Beef®️ and Home Place Pastures, and we guarantee you’ll be coming back to fill your cart. Barbecues and weekend cookouts just got a whole lot more delicious thanks to the selection of superior cuts of meat at South Point Grocery!