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Author: SouthPoint Grocery

South Point Grocery tow year anniversary flyer.

Celebrating Two Years of Community at South Point Grocery

Wow, it’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since South Point Grocery opened its doors in the South Main community. We are incredibly grateful for the fantastic support we have received from our community during this time. We are hosting an anniversary party to celebrate this exciting milestone, and we would love for everyone to join us! 

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Grab and Go at our Downtown Deli

Are you tired of the same old grocery shopping routine? Do you crave a convenient way to satisfy your hunger on the go without compromising on quality or taste? Look no further than South Point Grocery‘s exceptional downtown Memphis deli and grab-and-go section! Situated in the heart of the South Main community, South Point Grocery is your ultimate one-stop destination for all things convenient and delicious. 

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Daily Grocery Shopping in Downtown Memphis

Many people nowadays prefer to shop daily rather than weekly, especially if they live near a convenient grocery store like South Point Grocery in Downtown Memphis. We offer plenty of parking and a hassle-free shopping experience compared to bigger chain stores. So, what are the other advantages of daily shopping, and why has it become such a trend? We researched this topic to help our shoppers understand the benefits, and it turns out there are many advantages.

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Holiday Gift Ideas from Your Neighborhood Grocery Store

The holiday season is here, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the events and daily tasks. You may have your plans carefully organized, but unexpected invitations will likely come up, leaving you with little time to prepare. It’s always appreciated to arrive with a gift, but you might not have the time to cook or bake something. Don’t worry, South Point Grocery is here for all your holiday gift ideas in Memphis!

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A Guide to Seasonal Shopping in Downtown Memphis

You read the title of this blog correctly. Downtown Memphis now has one of the most vibrant grocery stores with a vibe that mirrors the culture of Memphis. We are excited to take you on a journey through the beauty of shopping seasonally, especially as we transition into the crisp and cozy days of fall and winter. At our store, we believe in embracing the rhythms of the seasons and are here to guide you on how to shop seasonally. 

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5 Rewarding Reasons to Shop Local

Have you visited South Point Grocery lately? Come shop local! If so, you may have noticed that we offer a wide selection of locally sourced products, including beer, chips, and dairy items. As a local grocer, we take pride in providing the most locally sourced products of any grocery store in Memphis. We believe in the importance of supporting local businesses and investing in our community. Studies show that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 to $73 goes back into the local economy. So, when you shop local with us, you are making a valuable and significant contribution to your neighborhood.

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Elevate Your Gatherings with Artisanal Delights on a Charcuterie Board

South Point Grocery exudes culinary sophistication in the heart of Memphis’ bustling downtown urban landscape. With its sleek design and an impressive array of local gourmet offerings, this modern grocery store has redefined the way we approach food shopping. When visiting the store, you will be pleased to find a wide range of items that will allow you to create a truly unforgettable charcuterie board for your next gathering. From savory cured meats to delectable cheeses and everything in between, you will surely find everything you need to impress your guests.

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Urban Grocery Shopping Defies the Status Quo

Uh, oh, it looks like your pantry is almost empty, and your refrigerator is looking bleak. It is likely time to head to the grocery store. Going through the aisles of a chain store can be overwhelming with eye-catching promotions everywhere. You have to navigate through the narrow aisles while pushing a bulky shopping cart and avoiding bumping into other shoppers. To make matters worse, waiting in a seemingly never-ending line can add to the stress of grocery shopping. However, it is a necessary task.

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The Complete Memphis Summer Produce Guide

Your wallet and tastebuds will thank you if you know what produce is in season at your local grocery store. Although it is possible to find most types of produce all year round, their taste is incomparable when they are in season, and often when produce is in season, it is available at a lower price. For example, a tomato in the middle of winter cannot match the juicy and vibrant taste of a tomato in the summer.

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