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South Point Grocery, an urban grocery store.

Urban Grocery Shopping Defies the Status Quo

Uh, oh, it looks like your pantry is almost empty, and your refrigerator is looking bleak. It is likely time to head to the grocery store. Going through the aisles of a chain store can be overwhelming with eye-catching promotions everywhere. You have to navigate through the narrow aisles while pushing a bulky shopping cart and avoiding bumping into other shoppers. To make matters worse, waiting in a seemingly never-ending line can add to the stress of grocery shopping. However, it is a necessary task.

South Point Grocery strives to do things differently. As an urban grocery store, we want to make your grocery shopping experience unique and far from a chore. As soon as you step inside of South Point Grocery you will be greeted by a friendly face behind the counter and the sounds of upbeat music playing in the background. Our store offers a concise collection of food and other products, ensuring you will not feel overwhelmed by the selection. Additionally, our store is not too crowded, allowing you to shop at your own pace. We want you to have a joyful and stress-free shopping experience, and our team is here to help you find everything you need.

South Point Grocery, situated at 136 Webster Avenue, serves as the go-to destination for all folks in the downtown community of Memphis. We may be smaller than chain grocery stores, but we have a wide assortment of grocery items to stock your fridge and pantry. Plus, our store is conveniently located in the South Main neighborhood, making it easily accessible for those who work, live, or play Downtown.

When it comes to grocery shopping, there is a noticeable contrast between a bustling city location versus the suburbs. Jacob Moses, an urban grocery store owner in north Texas, recognized a need for more urban grocery options in his area and opened a similar store. When asked about the importance of opening a store in the downtown community, he says, “He believes people should do their grocery shopping in the neighborhood where they reside. This not only provides monetary benefits by saving on gas and car maintenance, but also countless social benefits. You can exchange a smile or wave with fellow pedestrians and feel a stronger sense of community.”

South Point Grocery shares Mr. Moses’ sentiment. Of the many reasons we decided downtown Memphis needed its own grocery store, bringing together the community was at the forefront. We even offer free live entertainment on most Saturdays, adding to the unique and authentic feel of our neighborhood grocery store.

At South Point Grocery, your satisfaction is our priority. We support our local community by offering a variety of local goods, ensuring that money spent stays within the area. Moreover, we provide a diverse range of fresh produce, meats, cheese, beer, wine, and other essential items at an affordable price to cater to all your grocery needs.

Whether you reside in the downtown area or not, you are invited to visit us at South Point Grocery at 136 Webster Avenue and experience the difference of an urban grocery store for yourself. Living in the heart of the city can be enjoyable and exciting, and having access to high-quality, affordable groceries should be the standard. South Point Grocery is proud to offer a unique grocery shopping experience to the downtown Memphis community.