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South Point Grocery tow year anniversary flyer.

Celebrating Two Years of Community at South Point Grocery

Wow, it’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since South Point Grocery opened its doors in the South Main community. We are incredibly grateful for the fantastic support we have received from our community during this time. We are hosting an anniversary party to celebrate this exciting milestone, and we would love for everyone to join us! 

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Daily Grocery Shopping in Downtown Memphis

Many people nowadays prefer to shop daily rather than weekly, especially if they live near a convenient grocery store like South Point Grocery in Downtown Memphis. We offer plenty of parking and a hassle-free shopping experience compared to bigger chain stores. So, what are the other advantages of daily shopping, and why has it become such a trend? We researched this topic to help our shoppers understand the benefits, and it turns out there are many advantages.

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Urban Grocery Shopping Defies the Status Quo

Uh, oh, it looks like your pantry is almost empty, and your refrigerator is looking bleak. It is likely time to head to the grocery store. Going through the aisles of a chain store can be overwhelming with eye-catching promotions everywhere. You have to navigate through the narrow aisles while pushing a bulky shopping cart and avoiding bumping into other shoppers. To make matters worse, waiting in a seemingly never-ending line can add to the stress of grocery shopping. However, it is a necessary task.

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Live Music at Your Neighborhood Grocery Store

When you think of places to see live music, we are pretty sure your neighborhood grocery store isn’t at the top of the list. Well, that’s another thing that makes South Point Grocery unique to other grocery stores. We are taking advantage of our gorgeous, covered patio by providing live music on Saturday afternoons to our community. We invite you to grab a delicious sandwich from our deli section and a refreshing cold beverage and hang out while enjoying some of the best Memphis musicians, accessible to all and with no age limit.

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A Fantastic Experience at South Point Grocery in Downtown Memphis

According to a recent census, 11,176 residents call downtown Memphis home. Those residents are split between the northern area of downtown, also known as Harbor Town. There is an assortment of gorgeous homes and condominiums close to the bluff and centuries-old apartments in the center of downtown. Now, a vast majority have also made a home in the vibrant southern area of downtown known as the South Main Arts District.  

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