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South Point Grocery patio seating.

A Fantastic Experience at South Point Grocery in Downtown Memphis

According to a recent census, 11,176 residents call downtown Memphis home. Those residents are split between the northern area of downtown, also known as Harbor Town. There is an assortment of gorgeous homes and condominiums close to the bluff and centuries-old apartments in the center of downtown. Now, a vast majority have also made a home in the vibrant southern area of downtown known as the South Main Arts District.  

For years, downtown has not really had a full-service grocery store. So, residents were delighted when South Point Grocery opened its doors on Webster Street, right in the heart of the South Main Arts District. Here is one customer’s experience when she visited South Point Grocery on a cold mid-week afternoon. 

South Point Grocery did not disappoint. In fact, they completely blew my mind. Here are a few things I loved about this new downtown Memphis grocery store. 

Covered Patio Seating at the Entrance 

First, the grocery store is stunning. It is artsy, clean, and colorful and brings a fresh vibe that was missing to Webster Street. The first thing that caught my eye while walking into the building was the covered patio with ample seating. This is the perfect patio if you need a spot for lunch or a place to gather with friends. Do not worry, you will not be sitting on the patio empty-handed. There are all sorts of beer and wine and a deli inside that features multiple scrumptious-looking sandwiches. They even have live music on some evenings in the warmer months. 


I was concerned they would not have much selection since it is a downtown grocer. I assumed the space was small and the store would have the basics primarily. Boy, was I wrong. There is a butcher on staff in the meat department that has a vast selection. Meat cuts are also cut fresh daily and can be made to order. A large produce section with your standard fruits and vegetables, and then added goodies such as kimchi or hearts of palm. As a cheese lover, I was utterly blown away by the selection. Not to mention all the staples you need in the aisles between the beer and wine.  

Assortment of Local Products 

I love Memphis and find it so remarkable when people work diligently to provide delicious products for the masses. It also feels good to help the small businesses of the world. South Point has chosen local goods from beer, bakery items, sauces, popcorn, chips, dips, etc., which are most of Memphis’ favorites because they taste fantastic! 

South Point Grocery is Affordable 

My jaw nearly dropped when I saw most of the prices, and they even offer sales! My goodness, they even had certain eggs for under five dollars (if you are keeping up with the news these days, the price of eggs has become exorbitant). Most stores downtown have had no choice but to sell their goods at a higher price because the rent is so expensive, but South Point Grocery manages to keep their costs affordable. 

Overall, I will be back, and if you still need to stop in, I encourage you to experience South Point Grocery. Grocery shopping was once my least favorite chore. However, things may have changed thanks to South Point Grocery at 136 Webster Avenue.