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Cheese selection at South Point Grocery.

South Point Grocery’s Delicious Deli

If you haven’t stopped by South Point Grocery in downtown Memphis yet, you’re missing out on a unique grocery shopping experience. South Point Grocery opened one year ago this month to fill the void for downtown residents. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a grueling, overwhelming chore. SPG was designed to be an easy and enjoyable grocery store, from the free street parking to the friendly checkout.

The South Main Arts District has quickly become the place to see and be seen in Memphis. From art galleries to breweries, museums, quirky gift shops, creative art agencies, and some of the best restaurants in town, South Main has it all, and it is growing every day. It’s even home to one of Memphis’ best local radio stations, WEVL! This one-square-mile neighborhood that starts one block south of Beale Street was once Memphis’ first suburb. Since the year 2000, the area has grown an astounding 144%! According to the website, “More than $500 million in new development is underway in South Main, bringing in more homes, attractions, restaurants, shops, and creative spirit to the neighborhood.”

All that was missing was a grocery store that fit this vibrant neighborhood. When South Point Grocery opened, it became the city’s most modern grocery store thanks to the neon signage, self-checkout lanes, and murals from local artists. Even if you do not live downtown, it is worth the drive to experience this fantastic new gem in Memphis.

South Point Grocery’s Deli

One of the coolest things about this grocery store is the deli. Customers have been raving about the sandwiches since they opened, and they do not disappoint. The menu was crafted by local chef Josh McLane, whose sandwiches are some of the best in the city. Each sandwich is only $8, complete with high quality Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. A customer favorite is “The Heels,” which consists of bacon, provolone, hot sauce, peanut butter, and strawberry roasted jalapeno preserves, all on a French roll. Although it sounds unconventional, The Heels is revered as a sweet and salty delight for everyone. Or if you’re in a hurry, the deli is filled with tasty grab-and-go items for customers who need a quick work break.

Hopefully you’ve got a long lunch break, because these sandwich combinations are something to be savored, especially for the price! Grab a locally brewed beer to go with your sandwich and have a seat on our front porch. With over 40 seats and free wifi, the front porch is ideal for afternoon lunch, business meetings, and more.

As a reminder, it’s not just a deli. South Point Grocery is a full-service grocery store offering fresh produce, high quality meats, beer, wine, and much more at reasonable prices. Let us know what you think the next time you visit South Point Grocery at 136 Webster Avenue in Downtown Memphis.

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